Saturday, May 4, 2013

DIY: Dreamcatcher complete!

Hello Friends!

This morning I completed the dreamcatcher!  I had purchased a dream catcher kit from Michaels to make this dream catcher using real leather.  I enjoyed making it, now that I have the basic skills on how to make one I might get a little creative the next time by using different color sinew and feathers or charms.  It was fun! so below I posted some instructions on how I made the dreamcatcher.


Suede lace


Step One: Wrap the lace around the ring until the entire ring is covered.  Then apply glue every now and then so the lace stays on the ring.

Step two: tie the sinew onto the ring that is now covered with lace.  Then tie every inch so there are tied sinews around the entire ring. 

Step three:  continue tying each layer using a half hitch know until you arrive at the center then tie a know and cut it off.

Sinew is completed.
Step four:  then once the sinew is tied all around, cut a 8" cord and a 12" cord and use the Lark's head knot to tie the cord to the ring.  The 12" piece will be used to hang the dreamcatcher and the 8" strand will be to hang feathers and beads.
Step five: put beads onto the lace and then stick the feathers under the white beads, tie a knot.

Then you are done!  enjoy!
Come again soon!

Lisa :)


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  1. turned out great and you make it look easy, I think I will make one for my daughters, thanks Lisa :)
    Brooke xx


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