Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pattern for Circle/ infinity scarf

Hello friends,

my completed circle scarf!

I realised after my post that I hadn't included the pattern that I used to make the scarf.  So here it is:


Fisherman's Wool (medium)
5.5 mm needles


Cast on 60 stitches
Work all rows knit two,  purl two all the way to the end of each row.
Continue knitting until the scarf measures 6 feet long or until the end of 465 yards of wool (which I did)
Cast off
Then use your knitting needle to thread the remaining wool (from the end of the scarf from casting off) to sew the top of the scarf to the end of the scarf.  This will create the "circle/ infinity" part of the scarf because it will be circular in shape!

Enjoy!  Happy Knitting :)

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  1. thanks for the pattern, I think even I may be able to make this, even though it would take me ages lol


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