Thursday, February 7, 2013

New Job, new beginnings...

Hello Friends!

I heard there is going to be a lot of snow here in Toronto by tomorrow morning and it has already been snowing for six hours straight!  I am not looking forward to driving to work tomorrow...  there probably won’t be too many children at the center because of the weather.

I also wanted to say that... I GOT A NEW JOB!
photo source

Photo source

 It is much closer to my house, higher salary, all Early Childhood Educators, in the preschool room.. I am so excited.  I am not looking forward to spending the next two weeks saying goodbye to my old job though.  I have made so many connections with the children, parents, and staff at my current childcare center but I know I will do the same at the new place.

Drive safe if you are hit with the snowstorm!




  1. Lisa! congratulations on the new job! That's every exciting! I'm so happy for you! years ago I worked with Early Childhood Special Ed and loved it! I since moved out to VA from IA and taken a different career path since education doesn't seem to pay the bills :s. So I'm elated to hear you had an increase in salary and that the new job is closer to home! :) Again congrats Lisa! :) So many good things in store for you ahead! :)


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