Saturday, October 29, 2011

Boyfriend's scarf complete with a few more adjustments

Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying this fall day. It's raining here and I am glad that I am home now.

I got my hair cut today. This always makes me feel really good and refreshed. I got it cut at a mall nearby and of course it began to rain as I was leaving so I had to shield my hair from the rain. Here's a picture of how it turned out!:

Did you know you can actually get feathers put in your hair now? my hair dresser told me its like hair extensions but with feathers instead. Here's a link to explain further.

I am so thankful for the weekend when it comes because it allows me to slow down and take some time to focus on myself and most of all, my knitting.

I finished the red and blue scarf I was working on for my boyfriend. I just need to weave in the ends that were left at the beginning of each row.

Have a good day! I'll let you know how he liked it :)

Lisa xo

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  1. Ooo nice haircut! I didn't notice the teacup change till now haha. I was playing around with my template. It's on the new template design--> change favicon and tada, you just need to upload a square image.


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