Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wednesday and Thursday in one :D

Hello my lovely Followers :)

I got home late last night and was too tired to do anything but lie down on the couch, so I am sorry I missed out on Wednesdays theme of take a photo of my room. The good news is, that today I will post both a picture of something from my room AND the world event/ news clip to discuss!! :D

so firstly,
I think this would be my favorite post because my objects are important to me and are a huge part of who I am. I know (hoarder much?) I watch that show too too much so now I think i'll get attached to all my things and never part with them.

Today's item is...... *drum roll please*

My porcelain sock monkey!

There is a pottery painting place nearby and my friends and I went there one day and just painted! It was fun, we got to choose the pottery piece and the paint colors and then they fired it for us and out it came looking very shiny and loved it :)


For Thursday's entry....
The Volcano in Iceland named the Eyjafjallajokull volcano is still erupting!Photo source

It started March 25th,2010 and had an eruption on April 19th,2010. Pretty crazy stuff. It's delayed and canceled tons of flights because of the smoke and ash. I find volcanoes really intriguing because it is so huge and so unstoppable. I loved the movie "Dante's Peak" it was just so intense and realistic as to how one would feel in a small town near a dormant volcano that went from not harming to alarming in a week's time.

well that's it for today :)

Goodnight and sleep tight, hopefully no volcanos erupt near you tonight lol


  1. D'aww the porcelain sock monkey is cute!
    Volcanoes really interest me to, I have this secret obsession with natural disasters and how destructive they can be.

  2. Sock Monkey! =)
    That volcano has the strangest name- check this out lol


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