Friday, November 8, 2013

Knitting mittens to cover chilly fingers

Hello friends,


Lately I have been busy with a few projects.  One of them are mittens made from the "Thick and Quick" yarn from Lion Brand. I have only half- knitted one so far but I am almost done once I decrease the top of the mitten and the thumb.  Let's hope the thumb isn't huge again like the first attempt back in 2011 :P  I am also working on knitting myself a gray infinity scarf like the one I knitted already posted on the blog.  After knitting three for other people I decided to knit one up for myself too! the third project is a red scarf for my mom for Christmas :)  I have a couple other projects on my mind to start as Christmas gifts once I complete these projects.

The first of the two mittens.

Take care everyone, I hope you enjoy the weekend and find ways to stay warm!


  1. It's a great design. Some people do have massive thumbs!

  2. Thank you! you are right, it might suit some people depending on their thumb size :P Thank you for stopping by!


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