Saturday, November 16, 2013

Adventures in Cooking!

Hello friends,

How is your weekend going?  Last night my boyfriend and I made a really simple pizza and it tasted so good! It was a variation of this recipe found on the Canadian Living website.  It was called the Spicy Chipotle Chicken Pizza.  We tweaked it a bit because we couldn’t find the adobo sauce at the grocery store and decided to just skip that sauce and kept everything else the same.  I was very surprised at how delicious it was!  A simple white pita with pizza sauce slathered on top, then we added green onions, red peppers, BBQ chicken (that was cooked already) and lots of CHEESE J yum.  Then we baked it in the oven and the pita was crispy and held up pretty well. 

cutting up the chicken to add to the pizza 

The pizza once it was baked and cut in half to share :)
Another night we made Fettuccine Alfredo here are some photos from that cooking night as well.  We used this recipe found on the website.  It was another delicious recipe.  Both of these recipes are so easy to make and delicious, I say that’s the best, who wants a really complicated recipe anyways and after working all day sometimes you just want to cook something up quick to begin relaxing for the night. 

making the alfredo sauce with butter, cheese, garlic spice, and table cream.

Adding in the fettuccine noodles 

Voila! all done and ready to eat.

Our meal :)

 I started a new page tonight called "Adventures in Cooking" because recently my boyfriend and I have been experimenting with different foods and it has become a new interest of mine. I will be adding more posts on our cooking nights into the adventures in cooking page so it is easy to find.  It is always an adventure to try new things and so far it's a lot of fun :)

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