Friday, November 22, 2013

Kate Jacob's Friday Night Knitting Club book series

Hello Friends,

Today I decided to post about a book series that I love.  I started reading these books years ago and I have recently started reading "Knit the Season" which is pretty fitting given that it is the season and Christmas is fast approaching!  I love reading Christmas books at Christmas time it just adds to the spirit of the season.  The best book in my opinion is one that has both knitting and Christmas in ONE.  Both of my loves together.

The first two books of the series

The book Knit the Season is very good so far.  I will not say too much about what is happening so I don't give anything away for people who are just starting the series but I love the characters equally as much as in the first two books.  There have been a lot of changes but what has not changed is that they all care for each other like they are family.  They also still get together on Friday nights to knit! I sometimes wish I had a knitting club like the one in the book.  A group of friends to get together and knit with every week, sounds so comforting and sweet.  I am enjoying reading the book so far, I can't wait to see what happens !

Thank you as always for you support and kind words, I love reading your comments.


  1. I love reading Christmas books at Christmastime too. I haven't seen this one, and might have to track it down.


  2. It is very good so far and the previews novels have been easy reads they are so enjoyable. But the only problem is that when you're reading it sometimes you get the sudden urge to knit instead :p thank you for your comment :)


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