Wednesday, November 27, 2013

First Big Snowfall and Wearing Knits

Hello Friends, 

Last night it snowed a lot on my way home from work.  It was snowing all night and I just knew it would stay on the ground until morning.  Sure enough it did and it left a beautiful snow covered landscape for all to enjoy.

So I looked out my window today and saw all this snow! it was beautiful and so great to finally get some before Christmas to put me in the Christmas spirit! I decided to go outside, so I put the hat, mittens, and  scarf I knitted to good use! They haven't been tried and tested yet until now.

Picking up snow with my newly knitted mittens knitted with Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick wool.  I did not feel any snow come through the mittens, they passed the test!

Walking through the snow in my new boots from Payless, they are not only beautiful but kept me warm trugging through the snow.

Mitten photoshoot in the snow.  They got covered! I had a lot of fun picking up the snow, throughing it up in the air and feeling the crisp cool air on my face.  I love Winter.

Footstep heart in the snow.  I was just thinking how happy I am that you are all with me and I really appreciate you following my blog! so this heart is for you!

 Then I had to make a heart out of my mittens of course!

 A few photos of me wearing the scarf, and hat knitted with  Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick wool.  I love this wool, it is so warm and comfortable.  I feel like I can walk through a blizzard wearing all of these!

scarf wrapped around three times!

Thank you for joining me on my exploration and hope you come by and visit me again soon.  I will be knitting a lot more in the next few weeks for Christmas.  I will be posting more DIY's and more little knitted ornaments! I love those.


  1. Nice pictures !
    Have a great day !

  2. Hello Lisa, the snow looks delicious and you've captured the essence perfectly in your photographs. I love your 'love-heart' pictures, what fun.

    I visit your blog every time but just to let you know sometimes it will not allow me to comment, I have no idea why not.

    Today is a comment opportunity haha, hugs and keep warm in your new knitted winter warmers xx

    1. I will try to improve this so commenting is easier! sorry about the inconvenience and I am so happy to have you visiting my blog, I love your blog ! thank you for your comment!


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