Sunday, November 17, 2013

DIY: Tissue Paper Christmas Trees

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Last night my friend Leeanna and I made these tissue paper Christmas trees out of Styrofoam cones and white tissue paper.  Leeanna found the DIY tutorial from AliLily's blog called Tissue paper tree tutorial.  It was easy to follow! It was such a simple craft and such an enjoyable activity to do while catching up and chatting at the same time. 

The materials for the DIY are:
-          -Styrofoam cones
-          -Tissue paper of any color you favor
-         - Scissors
-          -Hot glue gun and glue sticks
-          -Pencil or pen

First you cut out the tissue paper into squares and then dab a bit of glue onto the Styrofoam cone starting from the bottom, then you pull the square piece over the end of the pencil on the eraser side and twist the piece as you dab the pencil into the glue dab.  Continue to do this until you fill up the entire cone with tissue paper. 
These are some photos from when I was making mine (photos courtesy of Leeanna T):

The squares of tissue paper, we cut the squares 

Starting to glue the tissue pieces to the top of the cone

working my way down gluing the pieces onto the cone

Almost done... just a little more needed at the bottom

Then they are all finished !
I hope you give it a try! We had lots of fun making them !
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  1. These looks so cute! Thank you for sharing the tutorial :)

  2. They turned out so well :) Can't wait for the next crafting session hehe


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