Sunday, November 3, 2013

DIY: Push pin frame decor


Hello everyone!  I found a DIY idea on google images from the Modgepodge blog (click here to visit!) and I decided to make my own.  It was such a cheap idea for a DIY so I was very interested in trying out something similar.  I had bought some fabric covered push pins from the dollar store awhile back and I knew I had some frames tucked away so I thought why not?  I will begin with a list of the materials you would need to get started then I will included step by step instructions :) hope you enjoy!


1. Scrap booking paper color of your choice
2. push pins 
3. frame 
4. glue gun 

10 minutes 
Gather up your materials and you are ready to get started! make sure you have a clear space to work from.
push pins colors of your choice

photo frame of your choice 
Decide where you want to put your push pins on the paper.  Add some glue onto the back of your push pin after bending the back of the push pin back with pliers.

OR: put glue onto paper first, then stick push pin onto the paper.

Finish gluing all of your push pins where you want them to be to complete your design.  I decided to use two patterns so it is simple.  I chose the white and black to match the frame I chose and red and white to match the red from the paper.  
Slip your design into a frame and voila! you have your new piece of decor that took no time to make at all and very inexpensive.

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