Saturday, November 23, 2013

Craft Fair Treasures

Hello Friends!

This afternoon I went to a local craft fair to see what neat things were for sale this holiday.  It has become a tradition in our family to go to craft fairs before Halloween and Christmas.  I love looking at what everyone is working on and if I could get any ideas for my own crafting.  I took some photos of the crafts I bought today and posted them below, I hope you enjoy looking through!

I bought a Christmas tree made from couch fabric, a rocking horse ornament made out of wood, a Believe sign made from wood, coasters made from towels, and a vintage style heart made from fabric.

I was drawn right away to this tree when I stepped into a booth at the craft fair.  I noticed another one first, then decided on this pattern.  When I went to buy it I asked the lady if she made it, she said yes and she used couch fabric to make it. It's amazing what can be made out of scraps of fabric we do not need anymore.  

A sweet rocking horse ornament.  I could not resist buying it, there is a certian charm about this horse.  I love that the  bow color matches the bottom of the horse.

I love this little sign.  There were many of them some saying "peace", "merry and bright", "warm winter wishes", but this one "Believe" was perfect because it can hang all year round.  It is perfect for Christmas but also special when you need that extra bit of hope.

These little coasters are adorable. I just knew I had to scoop them up! they were also the last ones.  I felt bad a lady in front of me asked where I got them and I showed her the basket but there were none left.  But at least we chatted for awhile and I met a new face.

There is something about this heart that spoke to me.  I love the vintage appeal it has and the length of the heart.  It's not a small and chubby heart as usual, but a long and skinny heart. It is very soft as well I can use it in a Christmas basket.
Sorry I did not get the names of the stalls where I bought these items but I'm sure there are some ideas on Pinterest or other websites on how to make them or buy something similar :) Happy crafting!

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