Friday, November 3, 2017

Knitting Stocking #2

Hello Friends,

I hope you are doing well. It is day three of NaBloPoMo, I am still hanging in there! I know it has only been three days so it has not been too long. So far I am really loving posting everyday and keeping in touch with you all. I have enjoyed checking in with what the other bloggers are writing about that are part of the linkup. There is a mix of different types of blogs on the list of participants, all offering something unique and interesting. If you'd like to see the posts of other participants in the link-up you can click here.

Yesterday I finished the 3timesChic sweater and I was really happy to share the completion photos with you all. Thank you for your support when I was knitting the sweater and also at the end! it was really fun to celebrate with you with yesterday's post. I added my notes and details on Ravelry last night as well if you want to check that out.

I started knitting the second stocking today. I took a break from knitting other projects in order to get my sweater finished last week. I will hopefully finish the second stocking quickly and have both stockings ready in time for when I decorate for Christmas sometime at the end of November. The pattern I am using for the stockings is called Jumbo Stockings in a Jiffy- Striped by Jennifer Jackson.  You can see my Ravelry notes and photos from the first stocking I made here.

Starting the second stocking

I knitted the first stocking starting in July and finished at the beginning of October. It was a fun knit with the chunky needles and yarn. I will have to knit faster this time around though to be done in time for Christmas. My boyfriend was saying we'll have to find a way to tell the difference between them, so I might add an extra detail to them once I am done to tell them apart.

The first stocking
I have been thinking of decorating for Christmas lately, basically once Halloween ended. I might decorate in the middle of November and share the decorating with you all. It's never too early right? I have to admit I have already started listening to Christmas music, I can't help myself I love the holidays so much. Anyone feel the same?

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Have a great day!


  1. Even though I'm Jewish, I really enjoy the holiday music and spirit. However, when I was raising my kids, I tried really hard to avoid Christmas because I wanted them to be Jewish. Now they are grown and Jewish and I can enjoy the Christmas spirit!

  2. That's good! I understand that you might not want to have Christmas music on decor around in order to encourage them to be Jewish. That's nice you can enjoy the Christmas spirit now! I just love the season so much! :)


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