Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Progress on Resolutions and Goals For the End of 2017

Hello Friends,

I hope you are doing well. Today is day 7 of NaBloPoMo! it has been going by fast and I have loved it so far!  Today I worked more on trying to untangle the mess of alpaca yarn that came as a hank of yarn. The ball I am forming has gotten larger, so that is promising and I am hoping that soon I can start knitting the toe up socks I told you all about in October. In the meantime, I have been knitting up my stocking and have knitted four stripes which I am happy about.

I thought today I would share the progress on my New Year resolutions that I made at the beginning of the year. I have always done a progress update in the past on my resolutions to myself just to see how I am doing and if in the short time left in the year, I could do anything to also add to my progress. In the past I liked to write a list of resolutions, then every month I would write progress notes on how I am doing. Now I mostly just write down goals each month in my planner of what I'd like to accomplish. At the beginning of the year, I wrote a list of resolutions and I also shared with you a post on my three words here.

My three words for the year are: Radiant, Balanced, and consistent

I believe I have been radiant by being true to who I am and embracing my strengths and the features I love about myself. Before the end of the year, I would love to really appreciate myself more and be my best self to end this year amazing and start the year off right.

This has been a very balanced year so far in terms of keeping myself centered and balanced emotionally. I have been working on keeping things in check and not getting too overwhelmed. I also kept my life balanced by having a good amount of spending time working on my own and having alone time and also time to see my family and friends.

Consistency at the beginning of the year meant to continue to be consistent in work and also in my personal life. I was thinking I would like to put in a consistent effort in my job and in some of my personal goals. I have seen consistency in my regular exercising, self-care, attention to relationships, knitting, and blogging. I have developed more of this skill at keeping going with working on things that are important to me instead of getting sidetracked by unimportant things and losing track of my goals. I look forward to using more consistency when I get a job as well and continuing on with all these things and also being consistent at work.

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The resolutions I wrote down in my notebook at the beginning of the year:

  • Knit a sweater: finished knitting the sweater on November 2nd, 2017. Please click here to read my blog post about completing the sweater.
  • Knit with real wool: Knitted a hat using Patons Roving yarn which is 100% wool. Please click here to see post.
  • Read 25 books: I have read 6 books and I will be finishing a few more soon.
  • Get down to my goal weight: did not this year, but I have lost 13 pounds this year!
  • Grow my blog followers: grew Bloglovin' followers from 35 in May 2017 to 44 and counting now November 2017.
  • Post on my blog once every week or every two weeks: I have been more consistent this year with posting on my blog and I have really enjoyed chatting with you all more often! Glad I made my blog a priority this year!
  • Go on a trip with my boyfriend: we went to the Dominican Republic in April 2017. Please see blog entry here.
It has been a great year so far and I have accomplished most of what I wanted to at the beginning of the year! 

Goals for the remainder of the year 2017 would be:
  1. Finish the books I am currently reading to add them to my books read list
  2. Lose 5-10 more pounds
  3. Continue posting consistently on my blog
  4. Knitting socks with alpaca wool 
And... to have a great rest of the year, happy and healthy. I am looking forward to making my next list for next year. 2018 will be a great year!

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Have a great day!


  1. Sounds like you have had a pretty productive year.

  2. You've got loads done this year! I really should make a list of goals for next year and review near the end of the year. I imagine it gives you a real feeling of accomplishment :)
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