Sunday, November 4, 2012

Christmas decor up! and scarf growing!

Hello friends,

Today I was knitting my sister's scarf and it is getting so much longer now!  I was knitting while watching the movie 28 days with Sandra Bullock.  It is such a good movie and I love that they go into depth about the issues she had as a child with her mother who was an alcoholic and the relationships that she formed at the Rehabilitation center.  It really touched me, definitely going to buy it.  Maybe put it on my Christmas list? :)
Anyways,  I hope to be done the scarf this week! :)  My plans are to sew up the ends of the scarf to make pockets and then I will sew on wooden buttons to give it character :) 

The scarf, a work in progress...

In other news,  I decorated my room yesterday for Christmas!  I am not done yet, I am thinking of buying some more decorations.  You can never have enough!  I absoultely love Christmas and my family has always celebrated it in such a big way.  I grew up surrounded by a big Christmas tree, decorations, garland, music, the works.  My sister and I were spoiled with all the toys we wanted (furbies, puppy in my pocket...etc) and it was just magical.  I still love it so much to this day which is why I decorated early.  My sister teased me a bit when she saw my room but I just couldn't wait.  Here is a sneak peak of Christmas in my room.... 
Christmas bell :)

A Christmas floral arrangement to add some sparkle to a space.

Cute Christmas elf

Elf again and a little bear with a festive scarf... maybe I should knit one like that? :P
 Have a good night and enjoy your day tomorrow!

Lisa :)


  1. doh! :) I love your lil elf! :) he's such a cutie! :)

    I completely relate about Christmas being a magical time of year! ...and its all my parents' fault! (in a good way ;))

    Looks like your scarf is coming along nicely! Very pretty - I'm sure your sister will love it! :)

  2. You are an early bird with your Christmas decorations Lisa! We are just coming into summer here in Australia and Christmas still seems a long way off. Thanks for joining my blog and for your comment about the hats. Good luck with the pattern - let me know how it goes.


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