Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Obama wins and children grow wings...

Hello Friends,

Today was an emotional day as three of my toddlers were visiting the preschool room to move up next week. The relationships that I have formed with the children and parents are all so amazing that I was upset that they would be moving on.  It just is not quite the same once they move to another room, even though they are in the same building.   I am really happy and feeling proud that the children have become sweet and kind little people and that I have helped a bit in that process and transformation. 

 Underemployed cast.  photo credit

I was watching this new show on tonight called Underemployed. It is a really good show about 5 friends all in their early twenties trying to figure their lives out. The title explains the show well, they are employed but not making what they would like and are struggling but they have something that is much more important. Friendships that will last a lifetime and such a close bond.  I got a lot of knitting done while watching this show tonight! :) 

I am so happy that Obama was re-elected as President. There are so many clever photos I have seen on Facebook that just are so entertaining to look at. Here are some that have truly stood out...
Have a great night everyone!
Lisa J

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  1. you are so sweet about missing the kids when they move up to the next rooms :) I am sure the families will remember you forever and appreciate all the work and love you have given to the kids. I know am so thankful to the wonderful teachers my kids have had since preschool until even high school now. I am actually friends on FB with my kids preschool teacher who my eldest had 12 years ago :)

    anyhoo I'm rambling lol x


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