Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello everyone,

It is that time of the year again when we start pulling out last year's warm clothing and bundling up.  It feels like it came so suddenly this year.  I am putting on my warm fuzzy socks hoping that my cold toes will defrost.  No luck yet.  Luckily my mother is turning on the furnace today so we won't be freezing for that much longer :)

Today I began my fall decorating that I do each year.  I take out last year's treasures and all the halloween and fall finds of years past and display them lovingly in my room. 

  I baked some blueberry muffins yesterday and made them in these cute Halloween muffin cups.  It is so nice at this time of the year to have the smell of baked goods in your home.  I loved the smell of blueberries as I baked them yesterday.

I have been knitting my sister's soon to be scarf with pockets.  It is getting longer each day I knit it while watching Glee or the bachelor.  It keeps my hands warm lately as well :)
It is Thanksgiving day and I am looking forward to spending the evening eating turkey with my family and visiting our cousin's family.
My favorite picture from last year's trip to the farmer's market to go pumpkin picking.  I hope to do that again this year!
 It is my birthday in two days now, October 10th.  I recieved an email from Sephora that I recieve free Sugar lip balm pack of two lip balms.  I would suggest you get on their email list.  They give free gifts each year for your birthday which is a nice treat! :) Last year I got birthday girl shower gel and shampoo.

well that is all for today,
I just want to say....
HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  I hope you enjoy this day with friends and family and loved ones and enjoy eating good food and stuffing yourself because this is the best day to do it and not feel guilty ;)

Lisa :)

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