Monday, August 20, 2012

Scarf underway!

Hello everyone! :)

I am writing to update you on my knitting progress.  I have been knitting the scarf slowly but surely.   I have been knitting a little here and there while watching tv.  I will be adding wooden buttons onto the pockets when I am done and I also have plans to make another one with bows.  I will try to amp it up a bit to get it done soon!

In other news,  I went to Zumba tonight! It was a lot of fun and lots of laughs.  My Zumba instructor is hilarious.  I recommend going to Zumba for fitness because you have so much fun while burning calories.

I have been trying a lot of great new healthy foods lately like Grapefruit, Greek Yogurt, lavash with hummus, lots of fruit: blueberries, raspberries.  Healthier diet that's for sure.  I will be trying out new healthy recipes to post on my blog as well.

will post again tomorrow!

Lisa :)

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