Wednesday, October 31, 2012

HAPPY HALLOWEEN and... New month new goals :)

Hello everyone,

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  I wish everyone a fun and safe Halloween night! hope you are having fun :)  We sure are here at my home.  We got lots of children coming to the door and most of our candy is gone now.  I was dressed up as Dorothy and even had a child say "I like your costume" I said "thank you, I like your too" then she said " thank you my mom made it" it was so sweet :)  and another girl said "are you Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz?" I said "Yes" and she said "It's a nice costume"  it was so cute.  We teachers dressed up at the daycare today and did a costume contest.  No I didn't win, but a couple deserving won instead.  Statue of Liberty and Fiona from Shrek.  Pretty creative.

As we head into the new month of November, I ask you... what are your goals for this month?  I find it so helpful to each month ask myself what I'd like to accomplish.
This month I would like to finish the scarf, begin a new one, and then also to begin a more challenging project such as knitting a hat.  I would like to save knitting something like a sweater for the new year when I have more time.  It is so busy right now with my schedule I don't think I can put so much time into knitting a garment.

Have a good night!

Lisa xo

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  1. aww I love kids, they say the best things and most of the time so innocently :)

    your goals sound achievable, I think mine will just be getting all the christmas shopping finished so I do not have to head into the busy shops in December



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