Saturday, September 23, 2017

Beginning of Fall, Summer Bucket List Results,Fall Goals, and Thoughts on Becoming a Vegetarian

Hello Friends,

Hope you are doing well. I am happy it was the first day of fall yesterday! It was so hot yesterday, and was even hotter in Toronto today with a heat advisory warning this weekend. I hope that it is sweater weather soon though. It was cold for a while, then it got hot again. I also can't wait to be able to wear some of my knitted things. This year I will hopefully have a knitted sweater to wear once I am done and the kerchief, and a pair of socks. I worked on all of these earlier this year.
Yesterday I went to a flower shop to get a plant as a gift and saw this cute little pumpkin in a basket and had to get it for the start of fall. I worked on pulling out the old seam on my sweater and enjoyed a cup of tea while doing that.  We went to my boyfriend's sister's place later on to see her new apartment and had a pizza and board game night which is always so fun.

Happy Fall!

I had posted my summer bucket list in July and wanted to give you an update on how that went and what I would have liked to do or changed:

Summer Bucket List Results
1. Go camping: in August, I went camping with my family and boyfriend in August and it was a lot of fun. Click here to read about it!
2. Roast marshmallows on the campfire: I roasted marshmallows while camping!
3. Knit socks: I finished knitting some socks for my mom for a Christmas gift! click here to see them!
4. Go on a trip with my boyfriend : We went to Montreal this summer at the end of August! click here to see what we did. 
5, Make Summery treats: I did not make the popsicles that I wanted to, but I did try out a lot of smoothies. Click here to see the smoothies I made! 
6.  Have a picnic : The weather was not cooperative this summer. I planned to do a picnic with friends, but on the day we met up to go to the park the weather was crummy so we did an indoor picnic instead. 
7. Go to the beach: I went to the beach in August while camping and loved soaking up the sun and going into the water.  Click here to see my trip!
8.  Read three books: I only read two and still working on the third one I started in August.  
9. Watch a baseball game : We did not end up going to see the Blue Jays this summer. I hope we can next year! 
10. Go Kayaking : I had a plan to go, but it got cancelled then never happened, hopefully next year!

Summer knitting at the beach.... the best

I wish I had done more of the activities like having a picnic outside, and kayaking. I had not gone on a picnic for awhile and it has been a few years since I have been kayaking. I will try to do these things next summer for sure. 

Some things I would like to focus on in the fall, are to:
  • Continue knitting Christmas gifts
  • Carve a pumpkin
  • Decorate for fall
  • Bake a pumpkin pie
  • Do a DIY fall decor project
  • Finish knitting the stocking for Christmas
  • Finish sweater seaming and neck edge

And for anyone wondering if I went vegetarian or how that is going, I have not eaten meat for 6 days now but am currently still having dairy products. I did not eat meat last week, but did have some on the weekend when I was still contemplating what I would do. I am feeling great, lighter and have more energy. I also feel happy that I am doing this and I am learning more every day. I have been watching documentaries such as Cowspiracy (a must watch), Vegucated, What the Health, Forks Over Knives. I love watching them and becoming more knowledgeable about what is really going on in factory farms. Even if the documentaries are hard to watch sometimes, I would rather know the truth and make decisions based on that then to not be aware. I also have been watching YouTube channels like So You're Dating a Vegan who are so informative and fun to watch. I have enjoyed watching their series on people they know who have taken two week to a month challenges to go vegan. I am seriously thinking of becoming vegetarian for reasons concerning health, the environment, and compassion for animals. This change just sort of hit me the past couple of weeks but sometimes that happens in life and you just have to go with it. Things all of a sudden make sense for you. I had thought of going vegetarian in the past, but there were always excuses and now I will make it happen. I would definitely consider going vegan in the future, right now I am taking it slow and starting with meat first. Please email me( or comment below if you are one a similar journey and want to chat about it!

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  1. Steve and I haven't gone vegetarian yet, but we eat a lot less meat than we used to eat.

    You did pretty good on your summer bucket list! Sounds like you had a GREAT summer!

    1. That is good, even cutting down on meat is a healthier choice! Thanks, I had a good summer! hope you did too!

  2. Summer well passed !!!!!
    Hope your Fall will be full of beautiful project !!!
    Have a nice week !

    1. Thank you Anna! I am looking forward to working on many projects for Christmas gifts. Hope you have a nice week too!

  3. Congratulations Lisa and welcome to the meatless world! My husband and I have embraced vegetarianism for 8 years and eat vegan at home for the last 5 years. Yes, it's an adjustment but eventually it becomes your normal. We love the health benefits, the cost savings, the reduction of our impact on the earth and our kitchen stays so clean now that we don't cook meat!!! You are right, a small gradual change is still impactful. Good luck and happy knitting! Pam

    1. Thank you Pam! congrats on being 8 years vegetarian and 5 years vegan. It has been an adjustment, but I am learning that there are so many options to eat the right diet without having to kill an animal to eat. I am feeling great and I am so happy that I made this change when I did! hope you visit again soon :) Have a good week!

  4. I love how you are doing bucket lists each season. That is great! I am going to get with my husband and see if we can start something like this together! FUN!
    We only eat fish and chicken as far as meat goes. Beef does not digests well. It sits in your gut for like 14 days or something crazy like that. We eat very little dairy, we drink unsweetened almond milk. Since we workout regularly we eat eggs and peanut butter for proteins. Veggies are good if you can eat them al dente... you cookout the vitamins otherwise.
    Looking forward to seeing your sweater completed. I can't seem to get a sock knitted to save my life! The heel confuses me. ;)

    1. Glad you like the lists! I enjoyed making a summer bucket list because I realized there were things I wanted to do to feel like I enjoyed my summer. When I was younger, I enjoyed making lists at the start of each month and felt like I could stay on track with my goals this helped me a lot. I still do and making goals for seasons is fun because I think of traditions I want to carry on and it helps to make priorities. Yeah you should make lists too they are fun! That's good you ct out beef, that is pretty disgusting that it sits that long :O I don't feel as heavy probably for that reason. Thanks! I want to be done next week hopefully it works out. Haha socks can be tricky at first then you get the hang of it. Picking up the stitches along the heel flap can be tricky too. Thank you for visiting and commenting Monica!

  5. go you! I dabble in vegetarian (not vegan so much) however, I do switch back and forth from veg to eating seafood and chicken. It's just the way my body wants to be sometimes. Then I switch to veg.

    1. Thank you Karen! That's good you try out the vegetarian diet once and a while and have cut out beef. Yeah it is better to go with how you feel and what makes you feel best. Glad you found what works for you! Thanks for visiting and commenting! :)


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