Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Kercief and Sleeve Knitting and a Little Reading

Hello Friends,

I hope you are doing well. It is a gloomy day here in Toronto today, it is so dark as I type! It feels later in the day than almost five. I have been busy today working on an Accounting assignment and also going to be submitting an assignment for Project Management as well. It is a lot of work sometimes all at once and I am all over the place thinking about my courses and thinking of posting to my blog.

I am reading Bridget Jones: Mad about the Boy by Helen Fielding, and it is so funny I am really enjoying it so far! I am also working on finishing the Nest at the same time, plots with the characters are moving along quicker now so it is more interesting to me.

I have been really enjoying knitting the Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief, it is so much fun. I think I will be hooked on knitting shawls after this for sure.  I am knitting the kerchief quicker now as I am getting more familiar to the repetitive pattern ,and it is such a relaxing knit while I am watching shows or podcasts. I love knits like this that I can learn the pattern eventually and just grab the project to go watch something without worrying about looking at the pattern all of the time. 

Bridget Jones book with the Kerchief

The kerchief so far 
I like how the kerchief is looking with using the Loops & Threads Chameleon yarn, I love the gradient effect going on with the change from brown at the beginning to gray, then it will be switching back to brown soon. This makes the kerchief way more interesting to knit and I love how it is looking with the two colors.

Close up of the details in the kerchief, the eyelet stitches are going horizontally across the piece, I love this detail
I am still working on knitting the second sleeve for my 3timesChic sweater, I got caught on increasing on the purl side and making a hole in my yarn and haven't picked it up since. I will give it another go because I did not really have an issue with this on the first sleeve. 

Beginngs of the second sleeve 
I am joining in with Frontier Dreams for her Crafting On link up, and with Rachell at Little Room of Rachell for her Yarning Along link up!  If you would like to post what you are working on this week please join in!

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Have a great day!


  1. Age of Brass and Steam is coming along nicely.

    It's a pretty grey and rainy day here too. It seemed like a good day to make a new sock cast on.

  2. that colorway for your shawl is quite lovely. looks like you are having fun with all of your knits :) It's been cloudy here as well. I'm hoping some sun shines sooner than later.

  3. I loved that book, it made me laugh out loud. Well done on the knitting.


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