Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Winter 2013 Trends in Knitting

Hello friends!

Countdown to Christmas: 21 days!

I have been shopping a lot lately to buy Christmas gifts and also knitting a lot.  I have been noticing the recent trends in knitted merchandise in the stores that I did not notice as much last year.  Below are a few that stand out for me.  I really like them and I would love to try to knit them soon once all my Christmas gifts are knitted up!

1. Cable knit Headbands.  
I have seen this one at Chapters and the image below is from the Chapters website.  Many people have been sporting these cute cable knit headbands.  I think they look amazing and I would love to try my hand at knitting one!
Photo source: Photo source 

2. Faux fur and knitted popover from LOFT.
I was at the mall the other day and stepped into LOFT.  They had these “Faux fur cable stripe popover’s”.  I thought it was a cool original idea to include faux fur into the popover.  I was thinking “maybe I’ll give that a try!” so many fun ideas this holiday season. The photo below is from the LOFT website you can find the link below.

Faux fur striped popover from LOFT

 3.  Knitted Pom-Pom hat

Another great find at Chapters.  I saw these at Chapters and the photo below is courtesy of the Chapter's website.  I have seen these around and many people wearing them.  I love the look and think it dresses up the classic knitted hat very nicely.  
I have seen furry pom-poms at Michael's that you can buy to attach to the top of your handmade knitted hats.  I would love to try this out because I think it looks great.

Photo source: Chapters

4. Knitted snood
I have been noticing the lighter infinity scarves in stores have become quite popular.  They also have a lot of shorter infinity scarves and I did not know the term snood until I began researching today.  I like the idea of the shorter and lighter infinity scarf/ snood because it is not so heavy around your neck.  It would also be a very quick knit!   The photo below is a snood from Chapters and I love the color.  I might knit a snood with the wool I just bought in this color.

Photo source:  Chapters

I love the new trends out there and I am excited to start knitting some of them.  I hope that you found some ideas you like as well.  Happy Knitting!


  1. I see almost the same here in Hungary. I took a long walk today and I have never seen that much people wearing knitted acessories.

    1. That's pretty interesting that the styles are the same in Hungary, thanks for sharing! I think knitwear is really in this season! that's great for us :)
      Thank you for your comment!

  2. Ooh, I love ALL of these! As you say, they all look pretty simple to make - we should have a Knit-a-long after Christmas :-)
    Happy Thursday!

    1. yes we should!! we can make all of these :) great idea. How do you start a knit-a-long? thank you for your comment!

  3. I love them all, I particularly want to try a fur pom pom hat, thanks for sharing x

    1. yes me too! they look so great :) thank you for your comment Linda :)


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