Saturday, February 2, 2013

Saturday Favorites !

Hello friends,

I hope everyone is not freezing with the cold days we have been having here in Toronto.  I know it is much colder in other parts of Canada so I cannot complain.  At work we haven’t been going outdoors with the children because it has been far too cold for their little noses.

 I put together this collage of what I have been interested in the past week!  Below the photo I will describe the meaning behind each one and if it is an item I purchased I will always let you know where I bought it J


1.       Sad Sam Honey puppy dog from Shoppers Drug Mart.  I just looked into those big puppy dog eyes and had to by it!

2.       Onward written by Howard Schultz.  I am really enjoying this book written by Howard Schultz who is CEO of the Starbucks company.  It is incredible to read about his views on customer service and employee satisfaction.  It makes me feel inspired to be even better at customer service in my career.  I can also hear the passion he has

3.       The  ruffle scarf  I am currently knitting.  I haven’t been knitting that much lately, but I will work on it more tomorrow and I will also be starting a circle scarf soon!

4.       Flower wall decor from Walmart (bought 2012) and felt heart from IKEA ( bought in 2011).  Put them both together and they make a cute Valentine’s decoration.

5.       The television show Underemployed.  I just love this show and I hope that it comes back for a second season.  Check it out for yourself at  

6.       My 2013 calendar photo for February.  I thought I would share it with you because I think it is so warm and calming.  The calendar is called Simplicity published by Sellers Publishing Inc.

I hope you enjoyed some of my favorite things at the moment.  Hope to see you again soon and your comments are always very much appreciated!

I also want to leave you with this youtube video message from Howard Schultz I thought it was very inspirational about persistence.  I know that it inspired me to never give up on my dreams.
click here :)



  1. Puppy Dog eyes are hard to refuse... I understand! :) Nice work on the ruffle scarf! I love the color you chose for this! :)

    I love your idea for a collage of recent interests! I never know what people would necessarily want to read about so I try to be entertaining in my posts no matter what I type up lol :). I appreciate what you share Lisa :) And how you keep updating photos of your works of art! :)

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Best, Dawn

  2. Oh and PS - the flower wall decor I've seen around here in Northern Virginia a few times :) I always wondered where they originated from :) I like the white ones you chose! :) Very chic and pretty! :D

  3. This book sounds interesting, I will put on my to read list :)


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