Sunday, January 27, 2013

Chocolate is a girl's best friend

Hello Friends,

 I have been busy with job applications all last week.  I am currently looking to get another job that gives me more job satisfaction and a higher salary J  I applied to a childcare center that looks amazing and I applied to the school board in my region.  Fingers crossed I find something that is right for me !

Today I have been cleaning, cleaning, cleaning my room and picking clothes that I want to give away to the Salvation army.  It was an all day job but I really got a lot done and my room is looking great J

Today I made delicious Belgian chocolate squares from a President’s Choice mix my sister got me for Christmas.    It is really simple, all you need is the mix, eggs, vegetable oil, and water.   I watched a Sex and the City episode while I waited for them to finish baking, so it was a pretty good afternoon. (Chocolate + Sex and the City= fabulous)
They taste as good as they look.

I will be baking more and cooking more so I will be posting more recipes and products in the future :)
Hope you all had a good weekend,



  1. oh. my. goodness! this is chocolate heaven right here Lisa! Great photos! :) If they tasted half as good a they look you are in for a treat! ;) ♥ Dawn

  2. Omg, these look so good! Save me some food the next time you make something ;)

  3. these look so yummy!!!

    I hope you get some good news from one of your interviews <3


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