Sunday, April 14, 2019

Knitted Bunny Wine Bottle Topper Pattern

Hello Friends,

I hope you are doing well. I decided to knit bunny wine bottle toppers for Easter and will be giving them as gifts to my soon to be mother-in-law and my parents for Easter.I originally saw some bunny wine bottle toppers while shopping at Pottery Barn years ago and was inspired to make my own. I have shared a pattern I made with you down below if you want to make your own bunny wine bottle topper for Easter or the Spring season.

Bunny wine bottle topper



  • The finished topper bunny's face stretches over the bottle so create your bunny face how you would like it to look when placed on the bottle. 
  • You can adjust the needle size and yarn size according to how big or small you want your bunny to be. The bunny I made fits tightly to the bottle, as some extra stitches if you would like it to be a looser fit. 
  • Pattern made to fit a wine bottle about 1" in diameter and a neck of the bottle that is 3.5" in length.

Materials needed:

  • Circular needles or double pointed needles (I used size US 4 3.5 mm circular needles)
  • White yarn or color of your choice (I used Aran (8 wpi) weight wool)
  • Darning needle
  • Black, white, and pink thread
  • Sewing Needle

Cast on 20 stitches
Knit in the round until piece is the length you desire I knitted until the piece measured 3" inches long
Start decreasing (k2tog), choose your rate of decrease. I had 20 stitches and chose to k2tog every 3 stitches so I decreased 4 stitches 1st round, then knit one round, then decreased every two stitches, then 1 stitch until I had 8 stitches left then cut off and threaded yarn through darning needle and then closed the top of the bunny's head.
Final piece measures 3.5" and about 1.5" wide.

Ears (knit in stockinette, knitted right side for outside of bunny's ear and purl inside for wrong side)
Cast on 1 stitch
Knit the first stitch and knit into back to create one more stitch
Purl the next row
Repeat row 2 and 3 until there are 7 stitches and stop increase
Knit right side and purl wrong side of ear until it measures 7".
Decrease 1 stitch (k2tog) every other row and continue purling the other side, until 4 stitches remain and bind off. Sew the ears onto the top of the head by the end where you bound off.
Ears measure 8" when finished.

One one side of bunny, create a face for your bunny.
Sew the eyes as desired. I sewed them as small circles
Sew the nose as desired. I sewed the nose as an upside down triangle below the eyes
Mouth: sew as desired. I sewed the mouth as a short line below the nose then two other short lines in an upside down V below.

Your bunny is finished! Enjoy giving the bunny as a gift to your host on top of a bottle of wine or enjoy decorating your own wine bottles with them to celebrate the Easter holiday or Spring season.

Joining along with Ginny and others for Yarn Along and Frontier Dreams for Crafting On.

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope that you enjoy making your very own bunny wine bottle topper. Please let me know if you try it out, I would love to see your projects on Ravelry, your blog, or Instagram!


  1. So cute, so funny !!!!!
    Have a sweet week !

  2. What a cute project. How nice you provided the pattern.

  3. Cute bottle topper Lisa, have a good week, Cathy x

  4. so cute and I love the long ears!!


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