Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Some Yarn Shopping, Knitting Plans, and Reading On

Hello Friends,

On Saturday I went shopping with my sister at Romni Wools in Toronto. There were so many gorgeous skeins of yarn to choose from. I ended up buying two skeins of yarn. They were the two that caught my eye right away and I recalled from my last visit there that if yarn speaks to me or I love the colors, to just carry it around with me because I am likely to go back and search for them later. Of course I ended up buying both after I carried them around for awhile.

Fleece Artist and Juniper Moon Farm yarn
The first yarn skein I will tell you about is by Fleece Artist in the colorway Blue Face Leichester. It is mostly beige in color with pops of purple and gray. I tend to be drawn to yarns like this at Romni. Last time I bought Manos Del Uruguay Allegria yarn in the colorway 'Happy' because I fell for the white yarn with spots of vibrant colors.

Fleece Artist Blue Face Leichester

The second skein I bought was by Juniper Moon Farm Cumulus Dappled in the colorway 'On the Rocks'. It is a super soft yarn and I had ideas of knitting a really soft and comfy cowl with it. I love the color of blue and that it is both blue and white and I am looking forward to seeing how it looks in a project.

Juniper Moon Farm Cumulus Dappled  'On the Rocks'

For the Juniper Moon Farm yarn I am thinking of making a cowl and for the Fleece Artist yarn I am thinking of making a hat. I will be looking up patterns which suit the yarn soon. I also recently purchased some yarn from Michaels to start knitting a gift for my mom. She asked me to knit her some fingerless mittens which I will share with you once I am finished them after Christmas. The fingerless mitts are such fun projects to knit up and I am glad to get another chance to make some as a gift. I will also be working on sewing the seams of the Wool and the Gang Farrah Billie Jean top I knitting the pieces for in the Summer.

In reading, I have finished reading Suprise Me by Sophie Kinsella. For some reason I couldn't really get too interested in reading this book. It did not grab me from the start and I thought that my interest in the book might change as time went on but it just didn't. I think it is a nice, light read and funny at times, but I was hoping for a bit more out of it and it delve more into fun little things about marriage and how they had fun together trying to make their marriage work but it was mostly just the protagonist wondering what her husband was up to and being suspicious which was kind of negative. I am really looking forward to reading Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis. I received it for my birthday in October and have been excited to start reading it!

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  1. Soft and lovely colors you choose...
    I love reading, alternating types and writers. I'm reading "la part de l'autre" from Eric-Emmanuel Schmit.
    Have a nice day !

  2. beautiful yarn adoptions!! Can't wait to see it all knit up :)


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