Thursday, May 4, 2017

Front Piece of Sweater Knitted (& May the Fourth Be With You!)

Hello Friends,

I hope you are doing well. I finished the front piece of the 3timesChic sweater that I found on The front piece was a little more difficult than the back piece, but the instructions were not too difficult to follow once I read them through a few times. This week I started knitting the neckline, I started with the right shoulder and that side of the neckline, then I moved onto the left. Below are some photos, they will also look different one they are blocked which I plan to do! I am happy with how the front turned out. I am hoping also once I block it, it will give it more shape and also be longer and wider I am hoping that it fits properly. I am sure every beginner sweater knitter has this worry that the sweater they work so hard on won't fit, even after taking measurements. I guess we shall see once it is all done.

If you are interested in learning how to knit a sweater, then I recommend this pattern as a good basic pattern to start off with. I have never knitted a sweater before but I read this pattern through and I felt like I could knit this. Some patterns look intimidating, but this one was not too scary for me as an intermediate knitter and would be great for beginner to intermediate knitters. I feel accomplished for having finished the front piece and back piece and now there are just the sleeves left then I have to sew the four pieces together and I will be done!

Also just for fun because it is May 4th otherwise known as Star Wars day, I wanted to share this amazing puzzle my boyfriend just got for his birthday. I am helping him put it together! :)

......and a cute photo I found today on Pinterest!

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  1. Your sweater is looking good. I started one last night and yes....I have that worry about will it fit too. LOL

    Hopefully, we BOTH counted and figured correctly.

    May the Forth Be With You and Happy Cinco de Mayo.


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