Thursday, July 10, 2014

Knitting my first socks

Hello Friends!

Yesterday I started knitting a sock by following a very easy to follow video posted on Youtube by Verypink Knits.  I have wanted to knit socks the proper way for so long and this video shows you step by step how to knit socks. Verypink Knits founder Staci is very good at explaining and demonstrating in her videos for viewers to understand and follow along successfully.  She offers viewers the chance to also purchase the pattern on the youtube page. You can find out more about Staci's tutorials and more at!

So far I have knitted the short 2 inch cuff and have knitted the heel flap.  I am currently about to start video three of the "Learn to knit Magic loop socks" video tutorials.

The bottom of the sock so far

The top of the sock so far

As always I am so happy that you have stumbled upon my blog! thank you for visiting :)

Take care,

Lisa :)

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