Sunday, January 12, 2014

One knitted Infinity scarf done, one to go!

 Hello Friends,

How is everyone’s weekend going?  I have had a great weekend, spending time with my boyfriend, my family and seeing a friend today for lunch. I have also been busy with several projects on the go.  I like to keep busy though so I enjoy having plenty to keep myself busy! I am sure we have to do this anyways whether we like it or not!

Today I got busy knitting a dark green infinity scarf for another client.  I am enjoying knitting the scarves because I am so familiar with the pattern and I can enjoy watching television or videos online while knitting, it is a very relaxing time.  I use ribbed stitch (knit two, purl two) so it is very repetitive and simple.  I finished the gray infinity scarf below for another client last week.  I posted a photo of the scarf below and used it as a background to the green scarf in progress as well :)

Another grey infinity scarf complete!

The beginnings of a green infinity scarf

I hope you all have a lovely end of your Sunday!
Take care,


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