Friday, May 3, 2013

Fridays Favorite Things!

Hello friends,

IT'S FRIDAY!! I am bringing you another Friday's favorite things because I really enjoyed doing it last week and I know a few of my friends did as well so here we are again :)  I will be doing this weekly.  This week I find I was more interested in home décor, style, and food.  I hope you enjoy this week's collection!
1.    Very cool bicycle sink! A must have for any cyclists ;) Found on Pinterest.

2.        Making bracelets out of buttons ! so cute :)  I seem  to always post something with buttons :) Found on Pinterest!

3.       This is such a pretty cake! perfect for the spring days we have been having!  Found on Pinterest.

4.    These crocheted butterflies are so cute and look simple to crochet! A great way to welcome spring crocheting. Found on Pinterest.

5. This bracelet looks so easy and you can use some old clothing to make them!  Found on Pinterest.

6.       How classy and elegant Duchess Kate Middleton looks while pregnant. Found on

7. These bracelets are awesome! They melted knitting needles and turned them into bracelets... would LOVE one! To order one on Etsy click this link.

8.     I love this! I find it interesting to see how you can wrap a scarf in different ways from the traditional.  Found on Pinterest

9.  This tissue paper flower bouquet is so cute for a quick home decor or fun gift to say you are thinking of someone. Found on Pinterest.

Enjoy your Friday night!

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  1. I tried to do that to some knitting needles ones... was a fail haha I love them so much the ones you posted and that flower bouquet is so great!


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