Monday, January 3, 2011

It's hard to say goodbye...

Hey friends,

Today was a bit better with the whole break up. I went to work and thought of him a bit with the kids[work at a daycare], then at lunch thought of calling him, then after work thought about him again. Why is it that I am thinking about him more now than I did when we were together? It's a frustrating thing, this was one of the many reasons why we broke up, was that I didn't think about him much during the day and didn't feel like calling, seeing him etc... which made me feel like I wasn't giving the relationship my full attention. So that brings me to today, feeling like I missed him & wanted to talk to him..... sooo annoying these emotions. I never can trust them. I will have to remain strong and hope that they will pass and we can remain good friends. Because something did not work.



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