Tuesday, March 2, 2010



Already? wow my weeks feel like they wizz by!
I am working 7-4 this month so I have to get up very early and am so tired in the afternoon when I get home.

I was cravinggg McDonald's coffee this afternoon because my sister picked one up before work and I had to smell it, but was already home and frankly, I didn't feel like going out too tired haha
Sooo tonight it the biggest loser, it's back! after 2 weeks break probably because of the Olympics. It's an inspiring show, I'd love to lose around 15 pounds.. like a majority of people on this planet.

I am dying to go to Toronto this weekend and browse the shops and just be near the tall buildings again, I will probably bring one of my friends :D leeanna? haha if you're reading this interested? ha it's just a feeling, like I needd to do it! well it would be fun.

OMG the bachelor was on last night, I'm happy with his choice although I know a lot of people are thinking WHYYYY!? I liked Vienna and also tenley wasn't right for him, I saw it. I wish them much happiness for the future. Allie is going to be the next bachelorette! I didn't really like her much but ill watch anyyways... to check out the guys ;) ta-ta for now!
that's it for today, I'll try to keep up with my posting again :D



  1. Ah I watched the bachelor too, but I was rooting for Tenley! But I guess, Jake seems very happy


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