Thursday, February 4, 2010

oh hello

Hey Everyone :)

Happy Thursday!

It is almost the weekend! so fast approaching, just one more day we're almost there!
I plan to be very creative this weekend because during the week I wasn't working on project too much and would really love to.

Some ideas I have really been considering are:

Hearts- felt hearts sewed up and filled with poli-fil. My sister wants me to put her and her boyfriends names in the heart :P so I'll make her one too, and post it ;)

Continue working on my crafting area- fix up the spice rack, add more crafting object to the jars, clear off my desk space.

Finish knitting the green cellphone holder- I started knitting it, I must finish it this weekend and add a cute little button

Start knitting the gray tank top- start it up again, this time really understand the instructions..

What are your crafting plans for the weekend?


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  1. It sounds great, I can't wait to see your crafts :-)


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